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The Decaffeinates

Discover Our Unique Decaffeinated Coffee Varieties: Decaf Mushroom Coffee and Café de Olla Decaf

Welcome to the world of exceptional decaf coffee! We're thrilled to introduce our two exclusive decaffeinated instant coffee products: Spice Mushroom Decaf and Café de Olla Decaf.

Decaf Mushroom Coffee: A unique fusion of decaf coffee, spices and beneficial mushrooms, creating a healthful and invigorating beverage. This blend is perfect for those seeking a wellness-oriented twist to their coffee routine.

Café de Olla Decaf: Experience the traditional Mexican flavors in a caffeine-free format. Our Café de Olla Decaf brings the classic blend of spices and sweetness to your cup, maintaining the authentic taste with the benefit of being decaffeinated.

Both selections utilize a sophisticated water-based decaffeination process, ensuring that each serving of our decaffeinated instant coffee contains less than 5mg of caffeine. This method preserves the rich aroma and robust flavor of our freeze-dried coffee, providing a full-bodied coffee experience without the caffeine.

Whether you choose the health-enhancing Mushroom Decaf or the culturally-rich Café de Olla Decaf, you're in for a decaffeinated delight that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. Enjoy the essence of coffee, redefined and decaffeinated!


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