Who We Are?

Our company, MUUK' SUPERFOODS, makes delicious gourmet instant coffee infused with adaptogen mushrooms. Amazing instant coffee with a flavor and aroma that is rich and intense, similar to Turkish coffee or Café de Olla. Made with Organic Dried-Freeze Coffee, Organic Piloncillo for Sweetening, and a Superfood Blend of Spices and Mushrooms for Better Focus, More Energy, and a Stronger Immune Defense System.


How it Works

Now you can use your blog, website, social media channels, email list, and other audiences to drive sales of MUUK' SHROOM COFFEE and earn commissions on those sales. Because we offer the best value and service to customers, you will convert more traffic and make more money. Commissions are a set percentage of sales, and you get paid for both the sales you make and the sales of people you refer, as well as for any new orders and re-orders. This is a chance for you to show your audience the products you know and love and become a valuable marketing partner for MUUK’ SUPERFOODS.


We Make It Easy

It's easy to sign up for the affiliate program and start making more money for your business. We give you the tools you need, like a dedicated team and a platform that is easy to use.


Program Highlights:

  • 30 day cookies
  • 20% Sales Commission
  • Plus 10% Commission 2nd tier Sales
  • Monthly Payments (PayPal or Bank Transfer)
  • Lifetime Commission per clients